Welcome to the Maayan Center

Maayan Center is a unique place,
Advanced synagogue, Jewish community, a social center, a creative center, home to artists,

a place where
people are welcomed.
And welcome to give and receive, create a mosaic together and be part of a large Jewish community in Paris.
Spring Center was established in 1995 by Rabbi Pauline, the first being a woman - much in France,
The spirit of a worldwide movement of Progressive Judaism, modern movement that advocates equality between men and women, community service and outreach needed.
Join us and you too were members of the progressive Jewish community in Paris !

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If you are concern by the anti-Semitism in France, read this response of rabbin Tom Cohen

"It is amazing how long of shelf life this particular email has! It is reporting events (which did happen, but many over the course of a couple of years) that occurred nearly a decade ago! While we are indeed experiencing an up turn in hate from certain parts of the Moslem population in France, it is sadly part of a larger world wide trend. But on this particular email that you received, one could create a similar styled email about the US and American Jewry. Just imagine your reaction in receiving numerous emails that start off

"A day in the life of an American Jew".

The media isn't telling you the real news about the growing Antisemitism in the US. We have become complacent like in the days before the Nazis in Germany...

The media is conveniently forgetting to report the real news. To give you an idea of what is really happening in the US, where the size of the Moslem population is already equal to that of the Jewish population --and moreover it is set to double the Jewish population over the next ten years-- there recently was a murderous attack against a Jewish nursery school in Northridge, CA, also the shooting murders at the Seattle Jewish Federation, skin heads set two synagogues on fire in Northern California and one in Southern Florida by "unknown elements", The Chicago Jewish community was attacked in a number of different locations over the Sabbath, with vandals destroying property and defacing five synagogues and Jewish schools in the city, and a gunman targeting blacks, Jews and Asians in a deadly weekend drive by shooting rampage from Chicago to Bloomington, Indiana. In Crown Heights, a-soon-to-be groom was beaten to the ground by a gang, and another group was assaulting Jews in Ramapo, N.Y. We haven't even begun to tell you what has been happening on the free reign of Anti-Israel and Antisemitism hatred on college campuses throughout the country, nor of the countless cemeteries desecrated or hate-filled graffiti strewed on the walls of Jewish institutions and businesses that are occurring daily. All we know is if we don't stand up for American Jews, who will? So please stay informed and boycott America and American products, finally send this email to everyone you know or who you will ever know. And repeatedly! »

As you know, this is pure manipulation. Yes those events are unfortunately accurate --in both countries-- but to conflate a series of events over a large period of time is simply not honest. The email you received should be deleted, and that you can forward!

Rabbin Tom Cohen

KEHILAT GESHER, la communauté juive libérale trilingue de Paris

7 r Léon Cogniet 75017 Paris M° Courcelles


Mercredi   יום רבעי
Juillet 2022

Date Hébraique

7 Tamouz 5782

כ״ג בניסן תשע״א

Juillet - Tamouz 5782
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